First Transition

by Rony Friedman

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released June 9, 2016

All songs written by Rony Friedman.
Produced by Tal Tamari.
Arrangements by Tal Tamari and Yonatan Daskal.

Tal Tamari - guitars, drums, bass
Maor Shwarzberg - guitar ("My Best Searching Travel")
Yonatan Daskal - synthesizers
Daniel Anglister - mixing
Chris Athens - mastering

Recorded at Took Took by Tal Tamari, and at Slick by Daniel Anglister.




Rony Friedman Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: My Best Searching Travel
My helpless voice
Is about to expose
And my breath is barely catching

Any once in a while
When I'm sinking in memories
I become more myself
And then crashing

Looking over you
With a feeble look
It's so hard to know
You are not there with me

My best searching travel
And I will not regret
I'm learning now
And it's ok to make mistakes
Track Name: Locate
I can't believe I moved a thousand miles away for you
To sit alone in a room when I'm waiting just for you
You know I
Don't ask you to show me how much you care
But sometimes I wish I was safe enough that I didn't have to say

Locate me in your heart

All I ever wanted
Is to be a part that is bigger than one
And I don't ask you to prove me something
That's already done
You always try to create me fascinating ways to see the world
But sometimes I wish I was safe enough that I didn't have to say
Track Name: Arms
You look so cheap
With your belly out
How wonderful you are
Conflicts around the clock about you
Like the time I woke up at 5 am just to ask if you're ok

The illusion in your head
Isn't worth your reality
A world exposed
Without being understood
Because you can't understand

You laughter has changed
And your brightness gone
I can smell your pain
Memories of father arms around you
Like the trip when he took you to Hawaii
And the skies were clear of clouds

The illusion..

They spoiled you
They drowned you
They drugged you
So deal with it alone now
Because you're pushing me away
Track Name: Come to Me
They came to shoot me down
But I'm not afraid
I will be fine

Our god
That should reveal us the signs
He cut us away
He turned his back

And I
I'm willing to fight
I've got all my guns
I've got all my soldiers

So come to me now
And show me no mercy
Just come to me now
There will be no other time for me to say
I'm sorry for the trouble

The crowd applauding for more
The horses are running
Their vacation is starting

My tears
Are falling so lightly
There is no weight over my body

so come to me..
Track Name: Full of Beliefs
A feeling that got lost in a second
Like it's never been םn your mind
Moving from scene to scene
Like the rainbow appears after the storm

We're walking on a mountain of emotions
Trying to catch our breath
Stepping and walking in the same spot
Afraid to make ideals in our Mind become real

We are all full of beliefs
Looking for signs
What are these signs all about
I'm willing to give my all to realize

That we got to make more connections
We've got to be more kind
You are looking so tired
And as we grow we get wiser
And it makes everything hard
We've got to be more patient
And know to risk it all
When in need